Best Destinations and Routes to Asia

Today we will look at the best destinations and routes that are available to tourists in Asia. But first, let’s start with some brief overview of Asia and its tourism. Today we will list some traveling Asia tips and answer the question of “How to plan a trip to Asia?” – use Fly Business Class For Less.

Brief Information About Asia and Tourism

Let’s start with the fact that the main reason for going to Asia is, of course, all the exotics things it has to offer. Whether it is Indian temple complexes or the Tom Yum soup in the Pattaya diner, prayer calls pouring from the minarets of Damascus, or Orthodox Jews walking in the heat of July in fur hats along the streets of Jerusalem, Asian culture demonstrates everything bright, always unexpected, and memorable. Every time you see pictures of videos of Asia online – you see exotic colors of Asian nature and unforgettable architecture.

By the way, in terms of climate, Asia is more than diverse: on its territory, you can find weather for every taste. You want snow – welcome to the northern coast of Russia, you like the heat – go to the Emirates, you want wet tropics while traveling Southeast Asia – go to the Philippines. And for those who want to stay in the very center of Asia, we recommend going to Irkutsk: this particular city bears the title of the geographical center of the region. The region also has many beautiful women and plenty of excellent wife finders to choose from.

Top Destinations in Asia

Here are the top destinations you should try while traveling through Asia.

#1 Sichuan Province, China

Distant villages, towering horizons, giant pandas and fiery cuisine. Sichuan Province is a microcosm of modern China. Cosmopolitan Chéngdū has become one of the country’s design and technology centers, which also means that there are countless stylish boutique hotels. Since 2018, travelers can ride along the first section of the Sìchuān-Tibet railway and visit the frozen Tibetan villages with breathtaking mountain scenery. 

#2 Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

Are you planning a trip to Southeast Asia? How about traveling to Arugam Bay? Even though Sri Lanka has become one of the most popular places in the world, Arugam Bay, a surfing city on the east coast of the country, miraculously managed to remain unfilled with crowds of tourists. While vacationers discover the ancient citadels of the country, you can come to the beach with waves ideal for surfing. If surfing does not appeal to you, Arugam will still satisfy you with a large number of beach bars and makeshift music festivals. Besides, the beach is in convenient proximity to the Kumana National Park, where leopards, elephants, and crocodiles live.

#3 Chiang Mai, Thailand

The former capital of the kingdom of Lanna, Chiang Mai, descended from the pages of a history book. The whole city is surrounded by ancient walls, inside of which there are many temples. And yet, even though the city itself is incredibly old, a young and creative population breathes new life into it. Now, along with majestic golden stupas, cafes are offering unique latte art and restaurants with experimental fusion cuisine. 

#4 Nagasaki, Japan

For most foreign tourists, Nagasaki is synonymous with the tragic atomic bombing in August 1945. It is noteworthy that the city has turned the catastrophe into a call for peace. An example of this is a calm peaceful city park, where a simple monolith marks the epicenter of the explosion. But Nagasaki is not only the city on which the bomb was dropped. For centuries, Japan’s main foreign trade was built through the old port of Nagasaki. Due to this, there are many western influences. For example, Christianity was and still is widespread in the city, the influence of which can be seen in the new museum located in the oldest church in Japan.

How to Organize a Trip to Asia

Let’s talk about some nuances that go along with preparation for a trip to Asia. What should you get and what can be left behind? You won’t need a complex southeast Asia trip planner, here are the most essential things you will need.


How to travel to Asia? Have your passport ready. Well, what do you expect, going on a trip abroad without a passport? This is the most essential document that is needed for any kind of a trip, nothing can be done without it.


Depending on the country that you plan to visit and the country of your residence, this document may not be required, but you should check everything in advance.

Book tickets

How to plan a trip to Southeast Asia? While there are ways to travel by car if the place of your destination isn’t that far away, this is not an option if you have to travel thousands of miles to the place that you want to visit. Book the tickets for your upcoming flight and don’t try to improvise.

Be sure to pay insurance

Who knows what is going to happen abroad, you need to be sure that there is a backup plan so as not to find yourself in a compromising situation.

Pack a backpack with all necessities

What backpacking for Asia should you do? The main thing to remember is that there is no need to look outstanding on your trip to Asia, you should prioritize comfort over style, there is no need in an expensive suit to stroll around and observe the nature, various destinations, and picturesque places.

Here are some southeast Asia travel tips that have to do with your budget.

Tips on How to Optimize Your Budget

Almost everyone who intends to travel often faces the problem of expenses that are associated with traveling. A trip around the world or a trip in a week is constantly tied up with a seriously thought out budget.


Almost all travelers love the “all-inclusive” system which greatly simplifies the calculation of the price of travel. In the case of the all-inclusive system, it remains to lay off funds for transport and unforeseen expenses. However, there are some different rules in the UAE, for example, they often require you to leave a deposit, which they will give you back when you move out, and some places require to pay a tourist tax. Therefore, when booking a hotel, you need to check such nuances with your manager, this will help you clearly define the amount of money that you are going to need.


If you are not on vacation with the “all inclusive” system, then the main note of expenses will be the food itself. It is not always profitable to reserve a vacation exactly according to this system, it is often cheaper to go without it. To figure out whether it is necessary to overpay for an additional serving of food in hotels, take a look at the usual bill in the surrounding restaurants. 


What is the best way to travel to Southeast Asia? When considering the cost of vehicles, you must be well aware of your route. If you intend to travel by road a lot, it is best to plan expenses for buses and trains well in advance. Flying between cities is always good, as it is very fast, but usually quite expensive. Finding cheap air tickets for traveling around Asia has its lifehacks, which any traveler should know.

Souvenirs and shopping

Gifts and purchases are most often the most expensive parts of a trip. Another important thing to consider here is that all the expenses above are necessary, and this category is optional. All sorts of small gifts and various nonsense can cost you up to $25-100. If gifts must be brought to the whole family, then write down a list of everyone who needs to get a gift before the trip and calculate the necessary amount of money for gifts for everyone.

The best way to travel Southeast Asia is by being prepared and ready. The more thought and research that you put into your trip – the fewer things will bother you down the line.